Sukkhi Fashion Jewellery

Creating A Legacy

We exist to craft high quality and appealing fashion jewellery, and it’s been that way since our founding in 2012. we constantly think about our customers and their preferences to design our jewellery that brings out the best in us. since past 6 years, we have shared our vision locally and globally with customers in India and all across the world in united states, united kingdom, Australia, Canada and many more, and we’ve earned the reputation for quality jewellery along the way. we thoughtfully source our materials from leading suppliers to ensure top quality experience making our fashion jewellery 100% skin friendly. Sukkhi features a collection of unique and original jewellery designs with a sculptural and architectural nature. each statement ring, some with colourful and unusual gemstone settings, bring aesthetic pleasure both to the wearer and the beholder. Sukkhi takes an organic approach to her intelligent designs and is inspired by her surrounding urban environment. not just jewellery but object d’art. Sukkhi features a collection of unusual silver rings and various jewelry, each with their own unique twist, made from recycled sterling silver 925. working to commission, she also fashions sculptural and architectural stacking rings, plain rings and silver ring sets as desired, all handcrafted by Sukkhi

“Jewelry has the power to be the one little thing that makes you feel unique.”