Pissara Glistening Gold Plated CZ Mangalsutra Set For Women

PRODUCT TYPE: Mangalsutra Set

Rs. 339.00Rs. 227.00

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Country of origin: India


About this Product

Description: This Pissara Glistening Gold Plated CZ Mangalsutra Set For Women is made of Alloy. Women love jewellery; specially traditional jewellery adore a women. They wear it on different occasion. They have special importance on ring ceremony, wedding and festive time. They can also wear it on regular basics. Make your moment memorable with this range. This jewel set features a unique one of a kind traditional embellish with antic finish.


Brand Pissara
Product Type MangalsutraSet
SKU MS70793CZG700
Colour Gold
Material Alloy
Plating Gold Plated
Stone Type Cubic Zirconia
Dimension Mangalsutra L: 3.5 cm, W: 4.5 cm||Earring L: 2.5 cm, W : 1.5 cm
Weight 25 gms
Shipping TAT 3-5 days

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Pissara Glistening Gold Plated CZ Mangalsutra Set For Women

Pissara Glistening Gold Plated CZ Mangalsutra Set For Women